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A high frequency GaN Lamb-wave sensor deviceAppl. Phys. Lett. 96, 194103A.K. Pantazis, E. Gizeli and G. Konstantinidis2010RF Devices and Circuits
A new threshold voltage compensation technique of poly-Si TFTs for AMOLED displays pixel circuitsJournal of the SID 18/10, 721 I. Pappas, S. Siskos and C.A. Dimitriadis2010Design
Absolute spectral gaps for infrared light and hypersound in three-dimensional metallodielectric phoxonic crystalsAppl. Phys.Lett. 96, 231917 (2010)N. Papanikolaou, I.E. Psarobas, and N. Stefanou2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Analytical low-frequency noise model in the linear region of lightly doped nanoscale double-gate MOSFETsJ. Appl. Phys. 108, 064512E.G. Ioannidis, C.G. Theodorou, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, K. Papathanasiou, C.A. Dimitriadis, J. Jomaah, and G. Ghibaudo, 2010Si Devices
Analytical modeling for the current-voltage characteristics of lightly-doped symmetric double-gate MOSFETsMicroelectron. Eng. 87, 1764 A. Tsormpatzoglou, D. H. Tassis, C. A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, G. Pananakakis and N. Collaert2010Si Devices
Analytical threshold voltage model for lightly doped short-channel tri-gate MOSFETsSolid Date Electron. 57, 31A. Tsormpatzoglou, D. H. Tassis, C. A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, N. Collaert, and G. Pananakakis,2010Si Devices
Bragg polaritons: Strong coupling and amplificationin an unfolded microcavityPhys. Rev. Lett.106, 076401 (2011)A. Askitopoulos, L. Mouchliadis, I. Iorsh, G. Christmann, J.J. Baumberg, M. A. Kaliteevski, Z. Hatzopoulos, P. G. Savvidis2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
Characteristics degradation of poly-Si thin-film transistors with large grains from viewpoint of grain boundary locationIEEE Trans. Electron Dev.K. Kimura and C. Dimitriadis,2011Si Devices
Characterization of traps in the gate dielectric of amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon thin-film transistors by 1/f noiseJ. Appl. Phys. 108, 106103E.G. Ioannidis, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, C.A. Dimitriadis, F. Templier, and G. Kamarinos2010Si Devices
Charge-trapping MOS memory structure using anodic alumina charging mediumMicroelectronics Engineering88 (7), pp. 1573-1575Hourdakis E. and Nassiopoulou A. G.2011Si Devices
Control of polariton scattering in resonant-tunneling double-quantum-well semiconductor microcavitiesPhys. Rev. B 82, 113308G. Christmann, C. Coulson, J. J. Baumberg, N.T. Pelekanos, Z. Hatzopoulos, S.I. Tsintzos and P.G. Savvidis2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Controlled protein adsorption on microfluidic channels with engineered roughness and wettabilitySensors and ActuatorsVol. 161, Issue 1, January 2012: pp.216-222Tsougeni, K., P.S. Petrou, D.P. Papageorgiou, S.E. Kakabakos, A. Tserepi, E. Gogolides2012
Controlling roughness: From etching to nanotexturing and plasma directed organization on organic and inorganic materialsJ. Phys. D. Appl. Phys.Published on-line:stacks.iop.org/JPD/43E. Gogolides, A. Tserepi, V. Constantoudis, G. Kokkoris, D. Kontziampasis, K. Tsougeni, G. Boulousis, M. Vlachopoulou2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Convergence of Dip-Pen Nanolithography and acoustic biosensors towards a rapid-analysis multi-sample microsystemAnalyst2012 (DOI: 10.1039/C2AN35156K)Konstantinos Mitsakakis , Sylwia Sekula-Neuner , Steven Lenhert , Harald Fuchs and Electra Gizeli2012
Creating highly dense and uniform protein and DNA microarrays through photolithography and plasma modification of glass substratesBiosensors and Bioelectronicevol.34, issue1, April 2012 : pp. 273-281Malainou, A., P.S. Petrou, S.E. Kakabakos, E,Gogolides, A. Tserepi2012
Cross-plane Thermal Conductivity of Superlattices with Rought Insterfaces using Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamicsnt. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer54, 2014K. Termentzidis, P. Chantrenne, S. Merabia and P. Keblinski2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Dependence of off-leakage current on channel film quality in poly-Si thin-film transistors and analysis using device simulationSolid-State ElectronM. Kimura and C. Dimitriadis2011Si Devices
Dual phononic and photonic band gaps in a periodic array of pillars deposited on a thin plate Phys. Rev.B 82, 155405 (2010) El Hassouani, Y. , Li, C. , Pennec, Y., El Boudouti, E.H., Larabi, H. , Akjouj, A. , Bou Matar, O. , Laude, V. , Papanikolaou, N. , Martinez, A. , Djafari Rouhani, B.2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Effect of localized charge on the threshold voltage of short-channel undoped symmetrical double-gate MOSFETsIEEE Trans. Electron Dev.58, 433, 2011.E.G. Ioannidis, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, C.A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, and J. Jomaah2011Si Devices
Effective Optical Parameters of Thin-Film and Bulk Metamaterials of Metallodielectric NanosandwichesOpt. Commun. 283, 4074-4077 (2010)C. Tserkezis, N. Papanikolaou, and N. Stefanou2010Characterization
Effects of resist sidewall morphology on line-edge roughness reduction and transfer during etching: is the resist sidewall after development isotropic or anisotropic?J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS Vol. 9, 041209Constantoudis, V., Kokkoris, G., Gogolides, E., Pargon, E., Martin, M.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Electrical and structural properties of ultrathin SiON films on Si prepared by plasma nitridationJournal of Vacuum Science and TechnologyB: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures 29 (2), art. no. 022201 2011E. Hourdakis, A. G. Nassiopoulou, A. Parisini, M. A. Reading, J. A. van den Berg, L. Sygellou, S. Ladas, P. Petrik, A. Nutsch, M. Wolf, and G. Roeder2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Electrical behaviour of multi-walled carbon nanotube network embedded in amorphous silicon nitrideNanoscale Research Letters6, 88 (2011)I. Stavarache, A.M. Lepadatu, V.S. Teodorescu, M.L. Ciurea, M. Dragoman, G. Konstantinidis, R. Buiculescu2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Enhanced acousto-optic interactions in a one-dimensional phoxonic cavityPhys. Rev.B 82, Issue 20, 174303Psarobas, I.E., Papanikolaou, N., Stefanou, N., Djafari-Rouhani, B., Bonello, B., Laude, V.2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Entropy analysis of natural language written textsPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications389 (16), pp. 3260-3266Papadimitriou, C., Karamanos, K., Diakonos, F.K., Constantoudis, V., Papageorgiou, H. 2010Other
Epitaxial growth, electrical and optical properties of a-plane InN on r-plane sapphireJ. Appl. Phys. 107, 024506 A. O. Ajagunna, E. Iliopoulos, G. Tsiakatouras, K. Tsagaraki, M. Androulidaki and A. Georgakilas2010Characterization
Evolution of resist roughness during development: Stochastic simulation and dynamic scaling analysisJ. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS Vol. 9, 041207Constantoudis, V., Patsis, G.P., Gogolides, E.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Extraordinary refractive properties of photonic crystals of metallic nanorodsJ. Opt. Soc. Am.B 27, 2620-2627Tserkezis, C., Stefanou, N. , Papanikolaou, N.2010Characterization
High performance MIM capacitor using anodic alumina dielectricMicroelectronics EngineeringDOI: 10.1016/j.mee.2011.03.020 2011Hourdakis E. and Nassiopoulou A. G.2011Si Devices
High-density MIM capacitors with porous anodic alumina dielectricIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices57 (10), art. no. 5535075, pp. 2679-2683Hourdakis, E., Nassiopoulou, A.G2010Si devices
Hysteresis effect in bottom-gate polymorphous silicon thin-film transistorsMicroelectronics Reliability51, 556N.A. Hastas, N. Arpatzanis, C.A. Dimitriadis, J. Brocher, F. Templier, and G. Kamarinos2011Si Devices
Interfacial polarization on gallium arsenide membranesMicro & Nano letters 5,3, p. 178-180T. Prodromakis, G. Konstantinidis, C. Papavassiliou, C. Toumazou2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Investigation of microstructural properties of nitrogen doped ZnO thin films formed by magnetron sputtering on silicon substrateJ. Optoelect. & Adv. Mater. 12, 1045M. Nicolescu, M. Anastasescu, S. Preda, J. M. Calderon-Moreno, P. Osiceanu, M. Gartner, V. S. Teodorescu, A. V. Maraloiu, V. Kampylafka, E. Aperathitis, M. Modreanu2010Characterization
Lateral electrical transport, optical properties and photocurrent measurements in two-dimensional arrays of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2Nanoscale Research Letters6, 227, 2011, doi:10.1186/1556-276X-6-227S. Gardelis, P. Manousiadis, and A. G. Nassiopoulou2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Lateral electronic transport in 2D arrays of oxidized Si nanocrystals on quartz: Coulomb blockade effect and role of hydrogen passivationJournal of Applied Physics109 (8), art. no. 083718Manousiadis P., Gardelis S., and Nassiopoulou A.G.2011Characterization
Micro and nano structuring and texturing of polymers using plasma processes: Potential manufacturing applicationsInternational Journal of Nanomanufacturing6 (1-4), pp. 152-163Gogolides, E., Vlachopoulou, M., Tsougeni, K., Vourdas, N., Tserepi, A.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Microwave applications on grapheneIEEE Microwave Magazine 11, pp.81-86M. Dragoman, D. Neculoiu, D. Dragoman, G. Deligeorgis, G. Konstantinidis, A. Cismaru, F. Coccetti, R. Plana2010RF Devices and Circuits
Microwave switching of graphene field effect transistor at and from the Dirac pointAppl. Phys.Lett. 96, 103105G. Deligeorgis, M. Dragoman, D. Neculoiu, D. Dragoman, G. Konstantinidis, A. Cismaru, and R. Plana2010RF Devices and Circuits
Millimeter-wave generation via frequency multiplication in grapheneAppl. Phys. Lett. 97, 093101M. Dragoman, D. Neculoiu, ,G. Deligeorgis, G. Konstantinidis, D. Dragoman A. Cismaru, A. A. Muller and R. Plana2010RF Devices and Circuits
Molecular dynamics calculation of the cross-plane thermal conductivity of GaAs/AlAs superlattices with rough interfacesChinese J. of Physics47, 433K. Termentzidis, P. Chantrenne, J-Y. Duquesne and A. Saci2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Multiscale modeling in chemical vapor deposition processes: Coupling reactor scale with feature scale computationsChemical Engineering Science65 (17), pp. 5018-5028Cheimarios, N., Kokkoris, G., Boudouvis, A.G.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Nanomechanical properties of thick porous silicon layers grown on p- and p+-type bulk crystalline SiMaterials Science and EngineeringA 528 (29-30), pp. 8715-8722 (2011)Charitidis C.A., Skarmoutsou A., Nassiopoulou A. G., Dragoneas A.2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
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Nonlinear interactions between high-Q optical and acoustic modes in dielectric particlesPhysical ReviewB 84, 104303 (2011)G. Gantzounis, N. Papanikolaou, and N. Stefanou2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
On-Chip High-Performance Millimeter-Wave Transmission Lines on Locally Grown Porous Silicon AreasIEEE Transactions on Electron DevicesVolume 58, Issue 11, pp. 3720-3724, Nov. 2011.H. Issa, P. Ferrari, E Hourdakis, A. G.Nassiopoulou2011RF Devices and Circuits
Optical characterization of nanocrystals in silicon rich oxide superlattices and porous siliconThin Solid Filmsvol. 519, Issue 9, 3002-3005Agocs, E., Petrik, P., Milita, S., Vanzetti, L., Gardelis, S., Nassiopoulou, A.G., Pucker, G., Balboni, R., Fried, M.2011Characterization
Optimized surface silylation of chemically amplified epoxidized photoresists for micromachining applicationsJournal of Applied Polymer Science117 (4), pp. 2189-2195Kontziampasis, D., Beltsios, K., Tegou, E., Argitis, P., Gogolides, E.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Oriented polaritons in strongly-coupled asymmetric double quantum well microcavitiesAppl. Phys. Lett. 98, 081111 (2011)G. Christmann, A. Askitopoulos , G. Deligeorgis , Z. Hatzopoulos , S. I. Tsintzos , P. G. Savvidis , J. J. Baumberg2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
Origin of low-frequency noise in the low drain current range of bottom-gate amorphous IGZO thin-film transistorsIEEE Electron Dev. Lett.C.G. Theodorou, A. Tsormpatzoglou, C.A. Dimitriadis, S.A. Khan, M.K. Hatalis, J. Jomaah, and G. Ghibaudo2011Si Devices
Photoluminescence-induced oscillations in porous anodic aluminum oxide films grown on Si: Effect of the interface and porosityJournal of Applied Physics107 (11), art. no. 113104Gardelis, S., Nassiopoulou, A.G., Gianneta, V., Theodoropoulou, M.2010Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Piezoelectric InAs (211)B quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy: structural and optical propertiesJ. Appl. Phys. 108, 103525G. E. Dialynas, S. Kalliakos, C. Xenogianni, M. Androulidaki, T. Kehagias, P. Komninou, P. G. Savvidis, Z. Hatzopoulos, N. T. Pelekanos2010Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
Plasma directed assembly and organization: bottom-up nanopatterning using top-down technologyNanotechnology21(8) art. No. 085302 (2010)N. Vourdas, D. Kontziampasis, G. Kokkoris, V. Constantoudis, A. Goodyear, A. Tserepi, M. Cooke and E. Gogolides2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Plasma Nanotextured PMMA surfaces for protein arrays: Increased protein binding and enhanced detection sensitivityLangmuir26(17), 13883-13891 (2010)K. Tsougeni, A. Tserepi, V. Constantoudis, E. Gogolides, P.S. Petrou, S.E. Kakabakos2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Plasmonic nanostructures and optical metamaterials: Studies by the layer-multiple-scattering methodPhysicaB 405, 2967-2971 (2010)N. Stefanou, N. Papanikolaou, and C. Tserkezis2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Polycrystalline silicon TFTs threshold voltage compensated bias current generator for analog circuit designIEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology 6, 633I. Pappas, S. Siskos ans C.A.Dimitriadis, 2010Design
Properties of strontium copper oxide (SCO) deposited by PLD using the 308nm laser and formation of SCO/Si heterostructuresPhys. St. Sol.(a) 207, 1726D. Louloudakis, M. Varda, E. L. Papadopoulou, M. Kayambaki, K. Tsagaraki, V. Kambilafka, M. Modreanu, G. Huyberechts and E. Aperathitis2010Characterization
Proposal of High-Electron Mobility Transistors with Strained InN ChannelIEEE Trans. Elect. Dev.58, pp. 720-724 (2011)J. Kuzmik and A. Georgakilas2011Design
Protein arrays on high-surface-area plasma-nanotextured poly(dimethylsiloxane)-coated glass slidesColloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces83 (2), pp. 270-276Vlachopoulou, M.-E., Tserepi, A., Petrou, P.S., Gogolides, E., Kakabakos, S.E.2011Micro and Nanofabrication
Role of surface vibration modes in Si nanocrystals within light emitting porous Si at the strong confinement regimeJournal of Applied Physics110 (2), art. no. 023527 (2011)Mahdouani M., Gardelis S., and Nassiopoulou A.G.2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
SAW devices manufactured on GaN/Si for frequencies beyond 5 GHzElect. Dev. Lett. 31, pp. 1398-1400A. Muller, D. Neculoiu, G. Konstantinidis, G. Deligeorgis, A. Dinescu, A. Stavrinidis, A. Cismaru, M. Dragoman and A. Stefanescu2010Si Devices
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Silicon nanowires by a single-step metal-assisted chemical etching on lithographically defined areas: formation kineticsNanoscale Research Lettersvol. 6 (1), 597 (2011))A. G. Nassiopoulou, V. Gianneta and C. Katsogridakis2011Materials (Fabrication, Characterization, Properties)
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Smart multifunctional Polymeric Microfluidics Fabricated by Plasma Processing: Applications in Capillary Filling, and Passive Superhydrophobic ValvingLab Chip10, 462-469 (2010)K. Tsougeni, D. Papageorgiou, A. Tserepi and E. Gogolides2010MEMs, Microoptics, Photovoltaics, Micro and NanoSystems
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Stable superhydrophobic surfaces induced by dual-scale topography on SU-8Microelectronic Engineering87 (5-8), pp. 782-785Marquez-Velasco, J., Vlachopoulou, M.-E., Tserepi, A., Gogolides, E.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Stochastic modeling and simulation of photoresist surface and line-edge roughness evolutionEuropean Polymer Journal46 (10), pp. 1988-1999Patsis, G.P., Drygiannakis, D., Constantoudis, V., Raptis, I., Gogolides, E.2010Micro and Nanofabrication
Structural and optical characterization of two-dimensional arrays of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 for photovoltaic applicationsJ. Appl. Phys. 111, 083536Gardelis S., A. G. Nassiopoulou, P. Manousiadis, Silvia Milita, A. Gkanatsiou, N. Frangis, and Ch. B. Lioutas2012
Study of flow and pressure field in microchannels with various cross-section areasMicroelectronic Engineering87 (5-8), pp. 827-829Petropoulos, A., Kaltsas, G., Randjelovic, D., Gogolides, E.2010MEMs, Microoptics, Photovoltaics, Micro and NanoSystems
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Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Boundary Resistance of NanostructuresNanoscale Research Letters6, 288K. Termentzidis, J. Parasuraman, C. Abs Da Cruz, S. Merabia, D. Angelescu, F. Marty, T. Bourouina, X. Kleber, P Chantrenne and P. Basset2011Characterization
Thermal conductivity of GaAs/AlAs superlattices and the puzzle of interfacesJ. Physics: Condensed Matter22, 475001K. Termentzidis, P. Chantrenne, J-Y. Duquesne and A. Saci, 2010Characterization