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Dual phononic and photonic band gaps in a periodic array of pillars deposited on a thin plate Phys. Rev.B 82, 155405 (2010) El Hassouani, Y. , Li, C. , Pennec, Y., El Boudouti, E.H., Larabi, H. , Akjouj, A. , Bou Matar, O. , Laude, V. , Papanikolaou, N. , Martinez, A. , Djafari Rouhani, B.2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Enhanced acousto-optic interactions in a one-dimensional phoxonic cavityPhys. Rev.B 82, Issue 20, 174303Psarobas, I.E., Papanikolaou, N., Stefanou, N., Djafari-Rouhani, B., Bonello, B., Laude, V.2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Simultaneous existence of phononic and photonic band gaps in periodic crystal slabsOpt. Express18, 13 14301 (2010)Y. Pennec, B. Djafari Rouhani, E. H. El Boudouti, C. Li, Y. El Hassouani, J. O. Vasseur, N. Papanikolaou, S. Benchabane, V. Laude, and A. Martinez2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Absolute spectral gaps for infrared light and hypersound in three-dimensional metallodielectric phoxonic crystalsAppl. Phys.Lett. 96, 231917 (2010)N. Papanikolaou, I.E. Psarobas, and N. Stefanou2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Plasmonic nanostructures and optical metamaterials: Studies by the layer-multiple-scattering methodPhysicaB 405, 2967-2971 (2010)N. Stefanou, N. Papanikolaou, and C. Tserkezis2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Interfacial polarization on gallium arsenide membranesMicro & Nano letters 5,3, p. 178-180T. Prodromakis, G. Konstantinidis, C. Papavassiliou, C. Toumazou2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Control of polariton scattering in resonant-tunneling double-quantum-well semiconductor microcavitiesPhys. Rev. B 82, 113308G. Christmann, C. Coulson, J. J. Baumberg, N.T. Pelekanos, Z. Hatzopoulos, S.I. Tsintzos and P.G. Savvidis2010Optoelectronics - Photonics
Nonlinear interactions between high-Q optical and acoustic modes in dielectric particlesPhysical ReviewB 84, 104303 (2011)G. Gantzounis, N. Papanikolaou, and N. Stefanou2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
Bragg polaritons: Strong coupling and amplificationin an unfolded microcavityPhys. Rev. Lett.106, 076401 (2011)A. Askitopoulos, L. Mouchliadis, I. Iorsh, G. Christmann, J.J. Baumberg, M. A. Kaliteevski, Z. Hatzopoulos, P. G. Savvidis2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
Oriented polaritons in strongly-coupled asymmetric double quantum well microcavitiesAppl. Phys. Lett. 98, 081111 (2011)G. Christmann, A. Askitopoulos , G. Deligeorgis , Z. Hatzopoulos , S. I. Tsintzos , P. G. Savvidis , J. J. Baumberg2011Optoelectronics - Photonics
Spiral staircase photonic structures of metalic nanorodsPhysical ReviewB 84, 125109A. Christofi, N. Stefanou, G. Gantzounis, and N. Papanikolaou2011Optoelectronics - Photonics