Si Devices

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High-density MIM capacitors with porous anodic alumina dielectricIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices57 (10), art. no. 5535075, pp. 2679-2683Hourdakis, E., Nassiopoulou, A.G2010Si devices
SAW devices manufactured on GaN/Si for frequencies beyond 5 GHzElect. Dev. Lett. 31, pp. 1398-1400A. Muller, D. Neculoiu, G. Konstantinidis, G. Deligeorgis, A. Dinescu, A. Stavrinidis, A. Cismaru, M. Dragoman and A. Stefanescu2010Si Devices
Analytical modeling for the current-voltage characteristics of lightly-doped symmetric double-gate MOSFETsMicroelectron. Eng. 87, 1764 A. Tsormpatzoglou, D. H. Tassis, C. A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, G. Pananakakis and N. Collaert2010Si Devices
Source/drain optimization of underlapped lightly doped double-gate MOSFETsMicroelectron. Eng. 87, 2353D. H. Tassis, A. Tsormpatzoglou, C. A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, G. Pananakakis and N. Collaert,2010Si Devices
Analytical low-frequency noise model in the linear region of lightly doped nanoscale double-gate MOSFETsJ. Appl. Phys. 108, 064512E.G. Ioannidis, C.G. Theodorou, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, K. Papathanasiou, C.A. Dimitriadis, J. Jomaah, and G. Ghibaudo, 2010Si Devices
Analytical threshold voltage model for lightly doped short-channel tri-gate MOSFETsSolid Date Electron. 57, 31A. Tsormpatzoglou, D. H. Tassis, C. A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, N. Collaert, and G. Pananakakis,2010Si Devices
Charge-trapping MOS memory structure using anodic alumina charging mediumMicroelectronics Engineering88 (7), pp. 1573-1575Hourdakis E. and Nassiopoulou A. G.2011Si Devices
High performance MIM capacitor using anodic alumina dielectricMicroelectronics EngineeringDOI: 10.1016/j.mee.2011.03.020 2011Hourdakis E. and Nassiopoulou A. G.2011Si Devices
Effect of localized charge on the threshold voltage of short-channel undoped symmetrical double-gate MOSFETsIEEE Trans. Electron Dev.58, 433, 2011.E.G. Ioannidis, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, C.A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, and J. Jomaah2011Si Devices
Hysteresis effect in bottom-gate polymorphous silicon thin-film transistorsMicroelectronics Reliability51, 556N.A. Hastas, N. Arpatzanis, C.A. Dimitriadis, J. Brocher, F. Templier, and G. Kamarinos2011Si Devices
Characterization of traps in the gate dielectric of amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon thin-film transistors by 1/f noiseJ. Appl. Phys. 108, 106103E.G. Ioannidis, A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, C.A. Dimitriadis, F. Templier, and G. Kamarinos2010Si Devices
Dependence of off-leakage current on channel film quality in poly-Si thin-film transistors and analysis using device simulationSolid-State ElectronM. Kimura and C. Dimitriadis2011Si Devices
Characteristics degradation of poly-Si thin-film transistors with large grains from viewpoint of grain boundary locationIEEE Trans. Electron Dev.K. Kimura and C. Dimitriadis,2011Si Devices
Origin of low-frequency noise in the low drain current range of bottom-gate amorphous IGZO thin-film transistorsIEEE Electron Dev. Lett.C.G. Theodorou, A. Tsormpatzoglou, C.A. Dimitriadis, S.A. Khan, M.K. Hatalis, J. Jomaah, and G. Ghibaudo2011Si Devices